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Pedro Parizotto - The Rot Within - Book Blitz


Fantasy - Dark Fantasy - Epic Fantasy - Post Apocalyptic Fantasy.

Date Published: October 28, 2023


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This is not a save-the-world story.

In a fading world on the brink of its end, Sunmine stands besieged by the Jungle of Rot. Tensions simmer between the Woodfolk and the Sun Empire Citizens, trapped together in these shrinking lands.

Amidst this turmoil, a figure stands out: Anpô, the sole outsider to ever come from beyond the Rot and survive. He arrived a mere baby in his mother's arms, an ominous bloodred tattoo marking his chest — but her death came fast, robbing Anpô and the city of any answers she might have held.

Is Anpô to be the doom of Sunmine, as so many claim? A cursed Rotspawn, touched from birth by the Black Rot that devours the world? Or could the whirls of ink on his chest hide the answers they seek?

Seeking acceptance, Anpô chases the sacred Art of Burning, his true nature becoming entwined with the hopes and hatred of Sunmine's inhabitants as the forces of this decaying world converge around him. Will he carve himself a place in these lands that are not his, unlocking the secrets shrouding his past? Or will he crumble under the weight of their fear and mistrust, unleashing whichever dark destiny might lurk within him?

About the Author

P.T.M. Parizotto is the author of the epic fantasy The Rot Within as well as the content creator behind the YouTube channel P.T.M. Parizotto (GeekZotto), which focuses on the critical analysis of storytelling. He is currently finishing his Master's Degree in São Paulo, Brazil.


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