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Release Tour Packet: Buried Roots

I might have found my own grave. Or not, but I don’t have time to figure it out because my sexy neighbor, Owen, is helping me restore an inherited historic estate. But the more we dig, the more my disturbing buried roots surface. I have to confront that grave... and my bombshell family secret. Readers who love Catherine Cowles, Colleen Hoover, and Nora Roberts will fall head-over-heels for Buried Roots by Terra Weiss, a steamy, small town, heroine in danger, cinnamon roll hero, forced proximity romantic comedy mystery.

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I might've found my own grave.

Or not, but I don't have time to figure it out. A perfect stranger willed me his neglected fifty-acre farm, and now, this New Yorker has two weeks to get it sell-ready. With a business to run, I can’t stay in this boondock town a second longer.

But I’ve got it handled—even after a series of suspicious property mishaps. Even after the threatening notes.

My veterinarian neighbor Owen Brooks shows up with a sledgehammer, a wicked sexy smile, and Demon, his appropriately named foster bulldog. But after losing my family, I only rely on myself.

That doesn't stop Owen and the town of Violet Moon from showing up for me. Maybe family isn’t just blood.

Owen and I can’t deny our magnetic connection as we restore the historic estate. But the more we dig, the more my disturbing buried roots surface. I have to confront that grave... and my bombshell family secret.

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Copyright 2023 Terra Weiss

Owen keeps showing up for me, something I didn’t know just how much I needed until now. I move my hand down to Owen’s and take it. His skin is warm, and I feel the roughness of his palm against mine. His fingers are long, but his grip is gentle.
I pull Owen in for another kiss, our mouths moving in synchrony. I’m trying to stay away—to protect my heart and his—but it feels almost impossible when I get lost in those eyes of his, part ocean, part storm cloud. I’m starting to think we’re two magnets incapable of getting close without drawing together.
We stand, just holding each other. The sun shining through the sky window warms my face, and I close my eyes, taking in the moment. When I open them, Owen has an expression that I’ve never seen before. His lips are slightly parted, his eyes almost mesmerized as he looks at me, like I’m the only one he sees.
He moves his hands up my arms and to my shoulders, bringing his lips up to my ear. His breath tickles as he whispers, “You deserve to know your roots. You deserve everything.”
His words fill a hole deep within me, and I turn and face him, just a breath away. When our mouths catch, his lips move slowly, gently, and calmness washes over me. I forget who I am, or who I might be, and how I don’t belong. How Owen lives here, and how I live somewhere else entirely.
His kiss deepens with more intensity and intention, and I take in every morsel of it. The mint on his breath, the silk of his lips, the scent of the air when he’s nearby. My grip tightens around him when I realize that this is where I belong.

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About Terra Weiss 

Terra Weiss is a romcom author with a knack for witty banter and gift for capturing authentic family dynamics. Readers love how her stories steer away from typical romcom cookie-cutter formulas and show how real-life people find real-life love.

When Terra's not spilling the tea on what happens in the big and small towns that live in her heart, you'll find her with her spunky daughter, mad scientist husband, wacky and wonderful mother, and the two six-pound dogs that run her house. She enjoys jogging at a snail's pace, reading from her iPhone, and piling bright orange mountains of squeezy cheese on her crackers.

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